Annihilation-Class Star Dreadnaught
Production information

New Sith Empire

Product line

Annihilation-Class Star Dreadnaught



  • Unknown
  • Not For Sale
Technical specifications


Maximum acceleration

1251 G



Maximum speed (atmosphere)

1000 KM/H

Engine unit(s)
  • Annihilation XA-554 Engine Unit (26)
  • Annihilation XAS-550 Engine Unit (14)
Hyperdrive rating
  • Sienar ND12X (Class 2.3)
  • Backup Class 4.5
Power plant
  • Sienar STF-82630 (reactor), Max Output: 2.52 × 1071J
  • KDY AD-108X Deflector (shields), Max Absorption: 7.46 × 1066J/M2

Titanium-reinforced Alusteel/Mandalorian Iron

Main computer
  • Phoenix Core (Special Design for Annihilation-Class Dreadnaught)
  • Extra Imperial Core Components (Stolen from different Salvage Ops)
  • 1 Annihilator Pulse Cannon
  • 4 Main Main Turbolasers
  • 150 Ion Cannons
  • 3000 Heavy Turbolasers
  • 20 Beam Cannons
  • 2000 Turbolasers
  • 80 Torpedo Launchers
  • 120 Assault Concussion Missile Launchers
  • 62 Phylon Q7 Tractor Beam Projectors
  • 750 Point Defense Laser Cannons
  • 200 Anti-Starfighter Cannons
Docking bays
  • 4 Main Bays
  • 1 Main Hanger
  • Other Secondary Hangers/Bays
Escape craft


  • Operation Crew (410,000)
  • Gunners (6557)
  • Pilots (16,000)
  • 145,000 Troopers
Cargo capacity

800,000 Metric Tons

Cargo handling systems

Beltway System


10 years

Communication systems

HoloNet transceiver

  • Command Ship
  • Carrier
  • Dreadnaught
Year introduced

335 ABY


The Annihilation-Class Star Dreadnaught is a warship design of the New Sith Empire. It was build with the sole purpose of being a mobile battle fortress, decimating all in it's wake. While lacking the stealth technology of the Elliseum-Class Star Dreadnaught, it boasts a considerable large weapon count as well as defensive options, and starfighter compliment. Currently, The Annihilation-Class Star Dreadnaught is produced as the Flagship of the New Sith Empire's Fleet.

Ship Information

Offensive and defensive systems

The Annihilation-Class is one of the most powerful warships known to the galaxy, and carries the single largest compliment of weapons, defenses, and starfighters. A mix of the Eclipse-Class SSD and the Pellaeon-Class Star Destroyer in terms of looks, it recreates the offensive and defensive options of both as best as Sith engineers could muster.

Like it's sister, the Elliseum-Class, the weapons placement covers roughly 99% of attack vectors. The Power output and generation, again like it's sister ship, allow for a near constant rate of fire. In order to fire it's main Pulse Cannon however, it must divert a large percentage of power that take near every weapon offline with exception to defensive weapons.

The shield generation system is concealed within the ship itself, so that no one-manned fighter could get a lucky shot off and disable the defense of the ship altogether. In addition, the Annihilation-Class' armor and shields were so powerful that it could ram enemy ships without any risk of taking heavy damage.


The Annihilation-Class had several hangers, located around the ship, where starfighters, dropships, and shuttles could land and embark from. The exact amount of different Starfighter variants carried at any given time was unknown, although given the size, upto 1500 starfighters could be carried easily. Titan Drops ships carried were used for the surface side transport of troops, heavy armors, and two prefabricated bases.

Propulsion systems

Using the same engine systems, the Annihilation-Class was able to be versatile and mobile during a firefight, however it was slower then it's sister, the Elliseum-Class.


With a heavily shielded bridge section, many different officer quarters were located here, and the bridge itself was completely different from any dreadnaught design outside the Sith Fleet. A more open style concept, many different acts could be happening at once without clutter happening amongst the crew. A Specially designed chamber was built for the Dark Council of the Sith Empire that allowed for communication via special holographic projection systems. Located also in this area was a Battle Meditation room, specially used to expand the powers of the Battle Meditation to the other ships of the Sith Fleet.


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Known Vessels

  • The Malice

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