Cerik Alloy is a new material designed by Nami and Talor engineers of the Triumvirate that is found to be nearly indestructable similar to that of Mandalorian Iron or Phrik.


Sharing the properties of Phrik being nearly indestructible yet surprisingly light. With the properties of classic ceramics included in the material it became extremely resistant to energy based weaponry and it became great for heat dissipation. It's strength tended to grow exponentially with the metallurgy of the Talortai. Creating the alloy was extremely difficult due to the rarity of the elements to create Phrik and inexperienced metalsmiths could destroy an entire order of Cerik when attempting to work the ceramics into the batch with a minor miscalculation.


  • Venatoris Armour
  • Vehicle Armour Plating
  • Lightsabres
  • Military Installations
  • Classified Projects