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Gabrielle Gev
Biographical Information



159 ABY

Physical Description

Human (Mandalorian)









Personal Information

Mandalorian Protectors

Chronology & Political Information


  • Mandalore of Mandalore (formerly)
  • Mandalore of the Mandalorian Protectors

Strands of Fate

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"We'd been betrayed by the very people we had thought were our friends, and worst of all there was nothing I could've done to stop it. My own people had forgotten their roots and turned against even me."
―Gabrielle concerning the War.

Gabrielle Gev is a Mandalorian female and Mandalore of the Mandalorian Protectors; her life's work and purpose had been reshaped and deformed by the New Sith Empire during their rise leading her to side with the Triumvirate and New Jedi Order with the Mandalorians still loyal to her.


Early Years

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Showing Promise

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Assuming the Mantle

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Dark Times

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Mandalore in Exile

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Personality and Traits

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Samual L'eonheart

Gabrielle's relationship with Samual started at a rather rocky start; assuming he was just an arrogant protector of peace, she was very aggressive and distant to him and his attempts to warn her of the coming storm. As their work together continued Gabrielle slowly warmed to Sam, being thrust into combat more and more often alongside the young Jedi Master. Her feelings for him weren't truely revealed until the fall of Mandalore when Gabrielle was saved by Samual and he revealed how deeply he had fallen for her.

Known Gear


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Character Sheet

Species: Human (Mandalorian) Gender: Female

Age: 25 Height: 5'9" Weight: 130 lbs

Skin Color: Peach Eyes: Green Hair: Red

Language: Galactic Basic Standard, Mando'a, Binary, Dug, Huttese, assorted trade languages Force Sensitive: Yes Alignment: Neutral

Apparrel/Clothing/Description: A rather athletic woman, she wears a form-fitting black body suit beneath loose fitting white pants and a light white cotton v-neck tank top. She wears a hybrid Mandalorian armour with a mixture of heavy armour plates and lighter cortosis weave pieces to allow maximum agility with maximum defence. Her armour is painted in traditional steel, green and navy blue accents.

Homeworld: Mandalore

Affiliation: Mandalorian Clans Occupation: Mandalore

Possessions: Hybrid Mandalorian Armour, Tactical Knife, Heavily Modified Vibrosword, Heavily Modified Expandable Vibrolance, Heavily Modified EE-4 Carbine Rifle, WESTAR-36 Blaster Pistol x2, and weapons integrated into Mandalorian armour

History/Backround: Born to the Gev family, heirs of the Clan Fett, Gaia was born into a warrior family. Living true to her name as she grew, Gaia was both fierce and beautiful. He opponents fell swiftly in hand to hand combat and martial combat, and her suitors were all stunned by her beauty. Her infamy and influence gained with her age and by the age of twenty-two she assumed the mantle of Mandalore through overwhelming support of Clan Fett, Clan Ordo and Clan Vadit when the previous Mandalore died of old age. She has since united and founded all the Clans on Mandalore. She has also been defending Mandalore from the threats of larger governments and assisting her clanmate in her corporate endevours.