Strands of Fate is comprised of two different galaxies that are very different in their basic stories and the grand scheme of things.


Our first Galaxy is located farther down on our boards, it's what we refer to as our "Classic" galaxy. The Classic galaxy is what our older members will be used to, it's an open roleplay across the galaxy for players to have their way with the galaxy. Want to post on Tatooine? Coruscant? Bastion? Go ahead, we have no restrictions on the Classic galaxy with the exception of our standard rules. Our Classic Galaxy follows a "What-if" storyline in the traditional Star Wars Galaxy taking place approximately 100 years after the events of the story "Vector Prime". The Yuuzan Vong Invasion has been thwarted by the combined efforts of the galaxy and now are left little more than a remnant in the Galaxy while the New Republic keeps the Imperial Remnant at bay and the New Jedi Order slowly resurrects itself amongst the slowly growing dark siders.


Our second galaxy is located higher on the boards and has been dubbed the "Whirlwind" galaxy. Our reasoning for that title is quite simply because it's a faster paced with players virtually trapped against one another. Our Whirlwind galaxy has players posting on the same planets to encourage cooperative roleplaying and faster character development with planets slowly being "unlocked" as the player driven story progresses. The Whirlwind galaxy is comprised of a GM started story with players adapting it and helping drive it, as opposed to the multitude of player stories found in the Classic galaxy. The general story for the Whirlwind galaxy changes with each "episode" that is released and completed.

General and Simplified

As per usual, the Classic and Whirlwind galaxies have strict rules against Cloning and all characters previously seen in the books, comics, or any form of LucusArts/Films/Games that have and will be released. We expect to see players use their own creativity and to play fairly with the other players. It should be noted at this point that players may use the same character in both galaxies, but their advancements only apply to that specific galaxy. If a character becomes a Jedi Master/Sith Lord/etc in the Whirlwind galaxy that is not applied straight to the Classic galaxy unless it is required/accepted by the general management. Likewise high-powered characters are not allowed into the Whirlwind galaxy unless they have been fully roleplayed by the player on the boards.

Put simply, characters are not allowed into a currently active Episode of the Whirlwind Galaxy unless their statistics or information has been unchanged since the start of the Episode. Following start of the Episode, characters that have been active in the Classic Galaxy are no longer allowed into the Whirlwind with their new information and are now considered two different characters.