Jaslin Ko Chryss
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243 ABY

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55 kg




Dark Brown

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Jedi High Councilor & Healer


Jedi Master


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New Jedi Order

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Jaslin Chryss is a direct descendant of Kostas Chryss.


The Beginning

Her mother, name unknown, was rushed into a medical facility during Jaslin's birth. Her mother died in child birth. She uttered only her last request "Take my baby *gasp* Jedi Temple *mumble* Chryss..." to the doctors on hand before passing away.

The doctors at the medical facility took the baby girl to the Jedi Temple where she was accepted by Jedi Knight Liela Laar. Liela accessed the Archives of the Temple to discover the family name Chryss. Upon performing a medical check on the girl, and scanning her DNA into the Archives, it was confirmed she was the descendant of Kostas Chryss, brother of Jaster Chryss. Kostas Chryss had gone missing somewhere around 200 ABY, not long before his brother Jaster did the same. Liela could not obtain more information from the Archives regarding Kostas, as the article was marked Council Clearance Only, and did not pay it any mind. The same test that had determined Jaslin's heritage had also confirmed that she had a high enough midichlorian count to be trained as a Jedi.

Liela had taken Jaslin and her case to the Council who agreed that Jaslin was to be enlisted in the Jedi Academy on Coruscant as she was of the proper age and ability.

The years came and went and Jaslin thrived in the Jedi Temple. At the age of 11 a visiting Jedi Master came to see her. The Master was none other than Liela Laar, the same one who had taken her into the Order all those years before. Liela took Jaslin as her apprentice and vowed to train her to Knighthood.

Master Laar taught Jaslin mayn things over the following years, but it was evident that Jaslin Chryss showed a natural talent and enjoyed the arts of healing. The two developed her talents and Jaslin began to specialise as a healer. At the age of 24 Jaslin was knighted by the Council, and she was separated from her Master and dispatched to various civil interplanetary wars to act as both mediator and healer.

Not much is known about what happened to Jaslin after her Knighthood, as a 10 year period gap in her Archive Records has not been filled. However at the age of 34 Jaslin was stationed on Coruscant at the Jedi Temple.

Six years later Jaslin was granted the title of Jedi Master. At the age of 43 she was appointed to the Jedi Council and continues to this day to serve on the Council as well as maintaining her post as Head Temple Healer


Personality traits

A warm friendly mother figure. Open and honest, Jasling exhibits traits of a natural leader.




Varied healing skills and abilities