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Current News

Having survived several millennia of war and conflict, the galaxy is enjoying a current state of settlement. The New Republic once again thrives and experiences yet another Golden Age of civilization. The Galactic Empire, once the Republic's greatest enemy, has chartered their own corner of the universe and has become a society strengthened by innovation and technology. While tension between the two great powers still exist, the disappearance of the Sith and the destruction of the Vong centuries ago, have created a new found calm as each entity look inward to reconstruct the glory they both once knew.

However, while war remains a quiet echo of the past, a dark storm looms. Within the last year, major terrorist attacks have taken place on the homeworlds of each of the major factions. Though no group or entity has claimed responsibility, the leaders of the new galaxy sense a disturbing presence reminding them of a fear that long haunted their ancestors.

Meanwhile, the arrival of a mysterious group of spiritual force-using Shamen, calling themselves, The Equitiis, who claim to be ancestors of the original force users, the ancient order of the Whills, has provoked concern amongst the Jedi Order. The Great Jedi Knights debate the truth behind these mysterious men, as hundreds of impressionable youth from all factions have gravitated toward the teachings of the Shamen, which include embracing all facets of the force, including the Lightside and the Darkside.

The Jedi Order have called upon an emergency meeting to discuss these new developments while the Galactic Empire and the New Republic host a summit on Coruscant to discuss the opening of trade between the two superpowers.