Thanatos L'eonheart
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Coruscant (Assumed)


265 ABY

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195 lbs


Dark Brown



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Underground Swoop Racer


Strands of Fate era

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Thanatos L'eonheart was a direct descendant of Higomi L'eonheart, formerly Higomi An'yagomi.


The Beginning

As the L'eonheart bloodline continued on through the brothers Higomi and Samual; the descendants of Higomi, beginning with the Jedi Knight Jacob, began to drift away from the Jedi order. Upon learning that Higomi had been lost to the Sith Lord, Darth Renatus, and losing his chance to confront the Sith Lord to Samual's fatal clash with Renatus, Jacob left the order and moved into solitude.

In this way was the Higomi branch of the L'eonheart bloodline removed from the Galactic stage. While still upholding the values and responsibilities that came with their name each descendant opted to seek a semblance of harmony in their lives, a never ending search for balance. It is from this chain of sons that Thanatos was born. Having inherited similar traits to his ancestor, Higomi, Thanatos was rebelious in nature and refused to follow in the footsteps of those born before him. He wanted nothing to do with the Jedi or Sith, which meant he cared very little for the powers the Force offered to him. Accepting what little training he required to become able to hide his presence to Force Sensitives Thanatos quickly found an opportunity to flee his family's hidden home and travel to Coruscant.

Thanatos was only a young teenager when he arrived on Coruscant. Having left all family ties behind he quickly dropped into step within the undercity. Finding a home amongst a swoop gang Thanatos quickly became proficient in the ways of technology and racing. He only ever truly felt at peace while behind the helm of his swoop racer, flying at speeds generally considered suicidal. It was here he stayed, growing up faster than he should, living only for the next race... The next chance to feel balance in his life.

L'eonheart is a well known name amongst Jedi history, as a result Thanatos avoids revealing it.



Honest, Protective, Temperamental, Intelligent, Analytical, Athletic


Thanatos often comes off as uncaring and gruff, but this is just his armour. His family has always upheld the highest level of honor, and this is a trait that is continued in Thanatos.